Why Choose Aspen Wood?

Aspen wood is the premier choice for wood paneling, and Aspen Wall Wood is the number one producer. As the original Tongue and Groove Aspen paneling supplier in the United States, our top of the line products continue to be unparalleled in quality, look, and durability. 



Aspen is beautiful, unique and intricate in design. Aspen is known for its bright and pure color, however, some Aspen trees boast darker coloring as well. Aspen paneling is used primarily in log homes, cabins, and rustic design, in addition to outdoor porches and ceilings. Whether you are looking for new home construction, home renovation, or smaller DIY home projects, consider Aspen wood for a truly unique and one of a kind installation.



Aspen is one of the most sustainably harvested tree of its kind. Its natural lifecycle, which quickly reproduces itself from its root system, is ideal for production. Seeding or replanting is not necessary.

  • The Aspen is always reproducing. Hundreds of new growth are released from a single Aspen root system. Aspen is the largest single organism in the planet.
  • The part of the Aspen that grows above ground can live between 40 – 150 years.
  • The root system of the Aspen can survive thousands of years.
  • Aspen regenerate from their root system after the trunk has been harvested.

Aspen Wall Wood Paneling Finishes.

One of the best features of Aspen over other woods is that you can choose the color through various stains and finishes anywhere from using a clear coat to keep the white natural coloring, to any number of uniqueness.

Aspen Wall Wood-4aspen_wall_wood_stain

Aspen Wall Wood

aspen wall wood panel


Aspen is a durable and strong hardwood, yet is extremely light weighing about one pound per board foot. This makes aspen easy to handle and install. Our product is also very low maintenance, requiring only a sealer once in a lifetime.

We moved to Colorado from Chicago. I had never seen anything as beautiful as the Aspen Wall Wood paneling in a log home.
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We sell directly from our lumber yard in Dolores, Colorado.

Aspen Wall Wood