Aspen Home Inspiration

aspen-wall-wood-product-7-webThe choice to use aspen paneling to decorate your home or office space can dramatically set your space apart. There’s both the traditional rustic vibe or the more unexpected modern, earthy balance. Whichever design style you prefer, let us show you some design inspirations that are sure to spark your creativity.

Rustic Interiors

ASPEN WALL WOOD kitchen islandaspen wall wood main living area









Traditionally, aspen  wood paneling has been used to finish off the interiors of log homes or cabins. It’s no question that bringing the Rockies into the living space creates an earthy and rustic feel. Many customers also choose to bring aspen paneling into the design of the furniture and cabinetry.




Easily decorate your rustic space with mountain or western accents like this fun rug and cow head from Wild West Living.



Modern Interiors

aspen wall ceiling


Using aspen wood paneling isn’t reserved just for the cabins in the woods. Many have chosen aspen to bring a balance to the clean and simplified design of a modern home. Aspen is very light, pure and clean, which is perfect of the modernist. Instead of paneling the walls, choose to panel the ceiling in aspen to brighten up the room.

Find some modern yet earthy accents with these reclaimed wood shelves or whitewashed wood wall art from West Elm.





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