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About Us

Aspen Wall Wood is the original aspen paneling facility established 25 years ago just outside of Dolores, Colorado.  Owners, Mary Ann and Dewayne Findley, were raised in Dolores, and have worked in the woods for 38 years.  They are active in the community and with public lands.  Both are committed to the health of the forests and community.

About Aspen

Aspen, the West's yellow gold in fall, is one of the most prominent tree species in Southwest Colorado.  Aspen trees grow and reproduce in underground clones.  Individual aspen clones are believed to be the largest living organisms on earth.  The predominance of aspen in Colorado is due to a favorable growing climate, good soils, and rapid regeneration through sprouting following harvest or fire.

This is where Aspen Wall Wood™ comes in.  They carefully harvest the trees and then create a number of products leaving zero waste.  The entire tree is utilized including sawdust for animal bedding, slabs for firewood and our unique aspen paneling product lines.

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"For over 20 years, Satterwhite Log Homes has relied on Aspen Wall Wood, Inc. for premium quality aspen paneling, and we have never been disappointed! From the "aim to please" attitude to the "good enough is not good enough" pursuit of quality, the Findley's team at Aspen Wall Wood make doing business with them a pleasure."
-Sam Satterwhite, President
"We moved to Colorado from Chicago.  I had never seen anything as beautiful as the Aspen Wall Wood paneling in a log home."
-Satisfied Customer
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